Whenever I’m not skydiving, I’m probably working on various ventures.

I’ve been an entrepreneur since 2007, when I launched my first SaaS-business with customers from Finnish entertainment companies to international event-management corporations. Throughout my career, I’ve worked on several projects and in several companies in web project development, planning and management positions. The most recent major role I had was CTO of a government- and angel-backed application startup called SalesCalls App. A more detailed work history is available on LinkedIn.

Having worked most of my time around online / tech businesses I’ve developed a broad skill set in that area, although woking in cocktail bars during the early years have taught me a great deal of hospitality and people skills as well. Because of that, I’m the go-to-guy making delicious drinks at office parties. That said, my real expertise lies between tech/development and business analysis/management. I am equally comfortable talking with developers about algorithms, with board members about business strategies, and with project managers and customers about defining their actual requirements.

Even though I am quite systematic about getting up at 6AM to win my day before noon, I can react and try to solve problems and issues by any means necessary. Having learned that nothing is more certain than uncertainty, I’m not afraid of quick changes and can shift my focus rapidly depending on what is most important at any given time.

I’m looking forward to working with startups and wantrapreneurs directly or thru accelerator programs. I am also open to helping small and medium sized companies in digitalisation and tech project management.